Ripley On The Bed

I brought Ripley up to the vet to see how he was progressing after he was put on medication for a bald patch he’d scratched on his neck that I discovered about 2 weeks ago.

The antibiotic tablets weren’t a success. They’re large for cat and he had to get two per day. By day 6, he was vomiting up the tablet given at night. This happened on both day 6 and day 7. I think this is more likely a psychological issue he has with tablets being stuffed down his throat rather than them causing a stomach upset.

In any case, when the vet examined him, it was clear that the infection in his scratched neck had not cleared up. So instead he was given a long-lasting antibiotic injection. He’s still on the steroid tablets but the dosage has been doubled to 10mg per day.

I had thought the scratched bald area looked a little larger. The vet confirmed it after seeing it. So the area was still very itchy and Ripley has been scratching so hard that he’s extended the area and cut his skin. The higher dosage steroids should reduce that itchiness and give his neck a chance to heal. That’s the plan anyway.

There was also a danger that he could start to develop roundworm (a fungal infection) so some hair samples were taken for testing. I haven’t heard the results of that yet.

So another big vet bill between consult, meds and tests. 🙁

I’ve to bring him back for another checkup in about a week.

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