Mocha sleeping
Mocha sleeping

I noticed today that Mocha had some blood in his stools, so I took him up to the vet to get him checked out.

Turns out he has a bout of gastro-enteritis. He’s been put on antibiotics for a week but otherwise he checks out ok.

I contacted the cat rescue people about Mocha’s health history, just in case there was something I should know about. Both he and his brother (Ripley) lived with a old lady in Dalkey (a suburb of Dublin). She had a lot of cats (mad old cat lady?). The rescue people got them when they were about 10 weeks old. They’d been living with her indoors since birth. Cats Friends Rescue had them for about 3 months, though out in two different foster homes. Neither cat has any history of illness during that time and have been really good health-wise. They were assessed by a vet as well, so got a clean bill of health.

It’s likely that the stress of being moved again, being in a new environment and being around new people is probably a factor on the onset of Mocha’s upset tummy.

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