I’ve had my new cats, Loki and Lir for for a few days now and I can’t say I really like their names. These where the names given to them by the cat rescue people so I’ve renamed them. Naming cats is always tough, I find, as I try to pick names that are reminiscent of their character or reflect some unique physical feature.

It took me a while to name my first cat, Kira. Her bossy nature reminded me of the Kira Nerys character in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, so that’s how she got her name. It took weeks to come up with Fritz’s name. Nothing I tried really suited him but for some reason “Fritz” finally seemed to suit his adventurous, playful nature.

And with Loki & Lir, I got some help from Amanda who’s named plenty of cats since she was a child. So the names we agreed on were:

1. Lir was renamed to Ripley (because of the ripples in his markings and not, as many friends have assumed, after the Ripley character in Alien!)

2. Loki was renamed to Mocha (because that’s a good description of his colouring).

So, introducing Ripley (back) and Mocha (Front):


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