If you are a new cat owner you probably would want to know important information on cats. Cats are low maintenance pets. A cat owner though would still need to know the answer to the common cat behavior problems. Cats make wonderful pets but for its well-being it is necessary for a new pet owner to know important facts about cats.

Did you know that your pet was born blind? Kittens would be able to see a couple of weeks after they were born. Felines that sleep practically all day would be active at night because they are nocturnal animals. Because of this, cats are often thought to have the ability to see in total darkness. The ability to see in complete darkness is one of the false cat facts. In daylight, cats\’ vision is pretty similar to what we humans have. The tapetum lucidum, a reflective layer of tissue in the feline\’s eyes is the reason why these animals can see much better in the dark. Cats are inclined to roam at night, these animals that have eerily glowing eyes can see much better in the dark thus it is not surprising if people associate cats with supernatural beings.

Although cats normally live for 15 years, some have lived for over 20 years. One unfounded fact about felines is these animals\’ nine lives. Cats that fall from heights generally survive without serious injuries thus it is commonly believed that these furry animals have nine lives. This cat information though is not true although felines really do have an amazing ability to survive falling from heights because they can reduce the velocity by taking on a flying squirrel position while falling. Cats have the ability to position the body in such a way that the impact from the fall will be significantly reduced.

Aging and less active people usually opt to get a feline for a pet. Cats, unlike dogs, do not have high exercise requirements thus the owner would not be saddled with the need to provide the pet with activities to let off steam. The independent personality allows felines to live peacefully on their own. Instead of demanding the owner\’s attention, felines would be perfectly happy to groom their coat, to sleep and to lie on the window sill to watch the world go by.

Cats are undemanding animals and it would take little effort to make them happy. A feline cuddled and belly-rubbed by the owner would purr in satisfaction. Cats though have different personalities and some individuals have the tendency to develop unwanted behaviors. Feline problems though can be easily resolved by understanding cat behavior.

Information about cats will enable a new cat owner to understand the pet better. But why take the trouble to look for cat books when you can easily get all the cat facts you need with a few clicks of the mouse.


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