Camera Shy Mocha

I got a progress update from the vet on Mocha’s condition.

The X-Rays have clarified that he has no broken bones. His bladder is intact too, so by chance he’d just gone to the toilet before I took him to the vet earlier today.

There are no other ruptures or damaged internal organs. There was, however, some hemorrhaging in his lungs which was the cause of his wheeziness. No surgery is required to address or fix the injury; it will resolve itself over the coming days.

He appears to have been hit broadside on the left shoulder as that shows the largest amount of bruising and is the most sensitive area for him.

He’s been rehydrated on a drip during the day and that will continue overnight. Painkillers have also been administered so he’s a lot more comfortable now.

All going well, he’ll be allowed home tomorrow.

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