Cats certainly are a quite independent pet and have a mind of their own. Some cats have a tendency to have awful behavior such as –

  • Scratching with your furniture
  • Pulling in your draperies
  • Jumping around the counter tops
  • Peeing on the carpet
  • Jumping on the furnishings

There may be a pet merchandise that just may aid your cat’s conduct and they are known as cat condos. They’re also known as cat furniture, cat trees, climbers homes and gyms. They can be found in a range of sizes and variations and are economical. From small for your kitten to medium and sizeable for that bigger cat.

Selecting a size would depend on what number of cats you have and where you can accommodate the condo.

Now you may be curious about how a cat condo can improve your cats behavior. Right, here are some reasons:

  • Your cat will likely be in a position to jump and pounce on the tree as a substitute to your furniture.
  • He can scratch over the sisal scratch-posts instead of your furniture.
  • The condos can provide great physical exercise and can also tire him out.
  • For those who have a chubby cat, the workout can help trim him down.
  • The trees are large enough for more than an individual cat so he can have playmates.
  • You can actually attach toys on the cat climber.
  • Your cat will play with all the toys instead of shredding the drapes.
  • They’ve got gentle carpeting so when your feline gets tired he can have a nap.

Cat condos are appealing and fit right in with the decor. When you live in an apartment or condominium, cat trees are ideal for entertaining your pet if you are at work or out for the evening. Your cat or cats will have much enjoyment using their new toy and they will not even realize you are gone.

You will want to pick a condo which will accommodate your cats desires. Some cats will rapidly adapt to their new area and some others will take a lengthier time to get use to it. You could put some treats inside the platforms to entice your cat to climb, or attach toys. Make sure to praise your cat when he is exploring the condo. Once he gets used to it, you wont be able to keep him off it.

A cats all-natural instinct is always to leap, scratch and pounce. If he doesn’t have his own spot to do these things, he’s likely to try and do them in the house and with your furniture. So save your home furnishings and check into cat condos. It might be a bit of an expense but it will improve his behavior around the home.

– Joanne Curtis

Cats undoubtedly are cute, lovable, affectionate and people-oriented beings. At times they amuse, bemuse, befuddle and perplex their own owners.


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