Most people wonder what to look for in cat trees. It’s true to say that many cats need a good amount of stimulation to prevent them from becoming bored. And we all know what a bored cat is capable of! Cat trees provide good stimulation and many also provide cubby holes for the cat to sleep when they get tired. So here are some pointers for buying a cat tree:

  • Make sure the design of the cat tree does not compromise safety. Only purchase stable, well built cat trees.
  • When buying a cat tree online, always check out reviews of the product. Other cat owners will tell you just how good (or bad) any given tree is and that will save you money and a lot of heartache worrying about a potentially injured kitty.
  • Try to choose cat trees made from natural products. Some cat trees are made from materials that use toxic chemicals and it your cat is a biter, you don’t want him/her ingesting anything nasty from the tree.
  • It’s best to avoid cat trees that use cardboard tubing. Your cat might shred these over time and this will reduce the sturdyness of the cat tree. Cardboard is also not good if you regularly clean the tree with a moist cloth.
  • The majority of cat trees are designed for use in the home, so don’t put them outside where they’ll get damaged by the weather. an unsafe tree is dangerous to your cat.
  • Pick a tree to suit the size of your cat. There’s not much point in buying a smaller cat tree if you have a large Maine Coon cat! Also, is your cat able to climb? It may not be able to due to health issues, age or because it’s been declawed. No sense buying a tall cat tree in such cases!
  • A cat tree has to appeal to your cat (you’ll need a bit of guesswork there) and to you – remember, it’s going to be sitting in a room where you and visitors to your house are going to see it day after day. Pick a tree that suits the size of the room.

So, with those pointers in mind, here’s a section of cat trees to choose from:

Cat Trees on eBay:

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Cat Trees on Amazon:

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