By Carol Claws and Tushots

In 2001 we rescued a 5 year old tabby Persian cat who was almost at death’s door. He was one solid mat of fleas and fur, his jaw had been broken and allowed to set crooked, his teeth were shattered, his throat was choked with fur, his ribs stuck out as he wasn’t fed properly. He was at death’s door and being terrorized by a big dog which his owner had bought into the house.

He was desperate to be loved, he would walk up and down the street meowing at strangers desperate for them to pick him up and cuddle him, so that he could close his eyes and feel safe and loved, albeit if only for a fleeting moment, but he was in such a wretched condition no-one would touch him. He would creep through other cats’ cat-flaps in search of food, only to be shooed off.

We did not want another cat; we already had two, but it broke our hearts so badly to see him so we ‘bought’ him for a bottle of cheap champagne (all we had in the house at the time!).

Tushots shaved of his fur

Tushots in his Romper Suit

It turned out he had come from a rescue center where he had to have his fur shaved off as he’d been very neglected for the first years of his life. Unfortunately his new owner didn’t groom him either – she had no idea just how ‘high maintenance’ Persians can be, and soon lost interest in him.

After being shaved of all his fur yet again, and having to wear a romper suit as it was so cold, when he arrived here at Tom Cat Towers to live with us he was so depressed he wouldn’t even look at us for 3 months. Then as if a light was switched on one day, he came across and gave me a kiss, a huge mog-snog on the nose and made the career decision he wasn’t an unwanted cat any more. He had humans, who adored him utterly, to supervise!!

He goes out for walks on a harness and all the neighbors come talk to him. The local Rottweiler is in awe of him! He drinks milk from a bottle and the whole house is run around his whims and fancies! We are the love affair of the century.

Tushots, as he was renamed, was the key to writing a series of humorous and unusual books primarily for adults the first of which is currently sweeping America by storm and has become a ‘cult’ book. He was interviewed on radio in America where 2 million listeners fell in love with both him and his feline friends; Stinker of the Yard, Britney Kitney, Mewkus Willi Whizkas and others.

Willi Whizkas, Tall Tales and Lost Lives by Paws and Claws published by Zymurgy ISBN1-903506-18-2 available on Amazon and in Waterstones for £7.99 and was the featured book for April and May 2006 on CFA.ORG, the global website for all things cat.

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Yet Tushtots, the shaved Persian, and Willi Whizkas a large pale grey Maine Coon cat who live with us in Tom Cat Towers here in Stafford, England are taking it all in their stride. They were featured on Animal Radio in America, they are reviewed on global websites and have fan mail from all over the world as people are reading the book and seeing their own rescued cat in the tales. And we’re complimented that people are enjoying the book and having a good laugh, which is great as it was written for fun, as a private muse never intended for publication, so we’re just as bowled over by its success as the cats are.

We just thought your readers may be interested to see a feline success story, a cat who nobody loved or wanted hitting the jackpot in life!! He is now an international celebrity cat! In America, narrated Christmas chapters from the book were broadcast to over 2 million listeners by a national radio station. BBC TV came to film him! We answered his fan mail for him as people wrote to him from around the world and enclosed pictures of their own rescued cats!

The next book, (we are currently writing book 6), “Willi Whizkas The Tiddleswick Tail Lifters” has great characters, again who exist, such as Ginger Podgers and Fred Who Stares. People are begging us to write their rescue cats in and make them world famous too!

Willi Whizkas and Tushots with the book

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More accolades for the furry-purries…..

Reviewed by Animal Radio in their June 2006 newsletter who say “.. you get captivated with the story … You’ll fall in love with Willi”

Described by BBC Radio as “A fabulous book, a phenomenal success, books have been flying off shelves nationwide

WWW.THEDAILYMEWS.COM describes the book as ‘A good read – a boys own adventure for cats!’ and features articles on both the book, authors and characters in depth.

Your Cat Magazine details the book as “A great read for adults and children alike”

MOGGIES.CO.UK awards the book five paws.

Readers on and have given the book 5 star rave reviews.

Smart Radio recommends everyone should have a copy of this delightful and original book.

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