If you want something special for a furry friend, Cat Connection offers some products that are worth checking out. They’re high quality pieces of furniture that are crafted by hand for the benefit of your pets. This company has been doing so for more than 25 years.

The furniture is made to give your cats places to sharpen their claws, to sleep and to play. It’s a known fact that cats must scratch and, if not given a place they want to use for this, they’ll use your furniture and your carpets. This is going to make life stressful for you and them.

Each of their pieces are made by hand from high quality sisal rope, carpet and wood. Attention is paid to these details so that the furniture is better looking will last for a long time. They’re made to put up with years of both scratching and being jumped on constantly.

The pieces are made in many styles and sizes so you can pick what will work best for your household. If you’ve got more than one kitty in the home, for example, you might want a larger one that’s got more places to sleep. The products available include perches, posts, tunnels and more. Some of the pieces are more simple, such as a plain scratching post.

If you have older cats or ones who are infirm, you can choose a piece of furniture that is low to the ground. If your cats are quite large, you will need to take that into account as well. Cats can be very particular but all of them have the instinct to sharpen their claws so these products are likely to make them happy at that level, even if they aren’t the type to enjoy hiding in tunnels.

Cat Connection has everything available from basic posts to towers that are complex so that the needs of any kitty household can be met. Pieces can be ordered that come ready to assemble so they can be shipped wherever you are. By avoiding the middleman, you are given the opportunity to purchase a high quality product for a lot less than you could find it in a retail store.

Find more information at the Cat Connection and the fabulous products offered by Robert Baker today! You can learn about the quality cat furniture that is affordable and will meet all the needs of your pet.


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