The Abscess on Mocha's Head

Keeping up with the festive cheer, Mocha’s early Christmas present to me is an oozing cut on his head which warranted a trip to the vet (and I was only there yesterday with Ripley!)

The amount of liquid coming out of this cut was unbelievable. Mop it up and it more would just flow out.

Turns out Mocha has an abscess as a result of some fight. There’s a small crater in his head which became apparent after the vet squeezed out the contents of the abscess. The swelling had travelled down below his ear. I only noticed the problem today but the vet said the puncture mark was about 4 days old.

So he got an antibiotic injection and a week’s course of tablets. And I’ve got to squeeze out  the puss (no pun intended!) daily until just blood comes out, at which point the infection will have been mostly cleared out the antibiotics will get the rest of it.

But, since I’d brought him in for a checkup, the vet suggested we scan Mocha for ringworm given that Ripley has it.

And, guess what? He has it on his face too. Under his nose, just like Ripley. And, again like Ripley, that’s the only place of infection.

So he’s been put on a course of the ItraFungal medication too.

Another huge bill to pay (given the price of this particular medication).

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