I had pets all the way through my childhood but once I went to college and started a career, I didn’t have time for an animal companion. After nearly 20 years, I felt the need for a pet again and decided to get a cat as they’re low maintenance pets compared to dogs. Kira was that cat – I got her at 7 weeks old but she died a couple of years ago around about her 16th birthday.

I got Fritz a year after Kira – he was about 8 weeks old at the time – more as a companion for her while the house was otherwise empty during the day. As luck would have it, they never got on! Many times they would sleep in separate rooms and if one came seeking attention, the other would leave, usually with some hissing and spitting from Kira. Fritz was more laid back.

Towards the end of her life, there was some detente between she and Fritz and they frequently slept on the couch or a bed together, but always with some distance between them.

Kira died suddenly one day, though she had not been ill. The vet thought the most likely cause was a blood clot to the brain with death being instantaneous (though no necropsy was carried out). Fritz is now 17 and still going strong though he has developed asthma.

This site was created due to my fondness for cats and has been around in various guises for many years. It was originally on the cat-oholics.com domain but I lost that when I missed a domain renewal notice and when I went back to re-buy it, someone else had bought it. So maybe you came across the site when it was on my older domain.

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