Where should You Look To Get A Cat?

  • A breeder: spend time researching a reputable breeder with many years of experience
  • Animal charities: these are often an excellent source for a first time pet owner as you will benefit from the advice and knowledge of experienced and dedicated staff.
  • Animal Shelters/Rescue Centers: here you’ll find abandoned cats and kittens and older cats who may have been “orphaned” by the death of an owner. Experience staff will know the personalities of the cats and some history.
  • Pet shops: don’t ever buy from a local pet store on impulse without researching first. A good pet shop should be spotlessly clean with staff experienced in giving the right advice
  • Friends or neighbors: this can be a good source, as you will know exactly where your pet has come from. Don’t buy through advertisements in papers, as you really don’t know what you’re getting!

Benefits of Cat Ownership

Numerous studies have confirmed that there are psychological and medical benefits for cat owners. For these reasons pets are being used in therapeutic programs for people with psychological for physical problems because they assist or facilitate recovery. For ordinary people cats provide:

  • Companionship – this is the most important factor for most owners.
  • Comfort and support – cats can provide apparent emotional support.
  • Help to establish new friendships – cat owners are more socially interactive.
  • Increased self-esteem – ownership and responsibility of care improve self-worth.
  • An aid to leisure and relaxation – cat care and playing games.
  • Increased hygiene – families with pets are more hygiene conscious.
  • Benefits to children – improved social skills and the understanding the cycle of life.
  • Benefits to elderly – companionship and a daily purpose.
  • Therapeutic benefits – If you own a cat you are likely to:- live longer, have lower blood pressure, have a reduced risk of heart attacks, suffer less stress and gain more relief from tension, have increased emotional strength, reduced risk of depression, have improved motivation and purpose, be less aggressive, be less self-centered, more supportive of others and less judgmental.

Now it’s time to go out and get that cat!

Smiling Cat

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